Friday, September 12 1:05 AM finally back to blog..past few days in JBAC(Jalan Bahtera Adventure Camp) doin my 1ST ever full 3D2N camp as GI(group instructor).i should say nt very 'chui' least i survive with voice left.thing went quite smooth except for some small things that happen that i think i did wrong..for one my sentry duty which i sleep pass half the time and did like 10 mins before going back to sleep again..and the most important one the AC(Area Cleaning) which was super 'chui' which i 'gay kiang' go volunteer for and got my mirror group's GI to get into trouble to by the centre manager.lucky my 1st camp gt let off easy BUT REALLY lesson learned!then more shag after camp still gt OJT(On Job Training)!do 1ST example instructor lead for low wall.and i did not even know i lost my ISM(Instructional Saftey Manual).heng got someone found it and kept hold for me.if not i'm going to hear the five golden letter from the CIC(Commandant In Charge).plus when doing rock wall when i climb got super fast descend not once but TWICE as my belayor is a new instructor(not say i very 'lao jiao' but at least i'm more experience =D).lastly got a ride to bishan from the CIC and almost got the godly five letter from her.i felt that i did a great job(at least me and my group survive) so i give a little pad on my back from myself and treat myself to ThaiExpress(i really do not like that place,but just feel like eating the food there.)by that time i super shag already so i cab back which i drop dead after i did my regular routine at night. =D

Monday, September 1 7:53 PM
omg what is happening to me?how come all the things i do just do not seem to be right?and why do i seem so fustrated about?first my 1st group ended up so 'chui',then just now string bow for no reason my bow just broke apart.whats next??lets just hope i do not screw the coming MINDS outing.

Friday, August 29 8:00 PM
so long since my last constructive post.ok yesterday i lead a group of P5 kids for my 1st abit of high hopes for them.BUT in the end super 'chui'.even though i was just suppose to take them for one day,just 3 hours after we took over the kids i lost my voice.I do see some potential leaders in them,but they just refuse to work as a team.maybe it is because they are mixed up from different classes.but i really hoped better knowing that they are P5 kids.oh well it is my 1st group after all so lets hope for the best for my next group. =D

Friday, August 15 8:43 PM
omg i'm so happy i made an impression to someone.i shall not say who or what it is about BUT its not about relationship.i could have perform if the stupid goverment have to pull me in to serve NS so late.whats done is done so i have to just live with it and i believe time will prove that i will be as capable as before.=D

Wednesday, August 6 8:33 PM
ok it is SUPER sad to know that my dear supplier forget to place order for my arrows!!!now must wait till next week.hopefully it will come in the next shipment..if not i wonder how am i suppose shoot at the end of the month???

ok today at ppcc.guess who i need for me to tell u right??'her' mum still can tell me "wo hen xiang hen jiu mei you kan dao ni le hor??"funny she asked.but at least they were friendly so i just smile..never mind so i just "enjoy"(you know it is never fun when you have to forced out shots) my shoot before 'she' came in and the room is filled with 'her' voice.lucky my dad come fetch me then in hurry quickly shoot last arrow,retrive then pack this pack that and unstring the 'old fashion way' and never remove limbs just walk out.i walk out already then she must add on"eh mei you shou BOW!".so like just to 'fu yan' 'her' just remove my limbs and dash out.

nothing more tonight.PLEASE TAG!! =D

Wednesday, July 30 12:03 AM
WEEE!!my bowstring finally flew in today!!!so HAPPY!!!!

ok i know that the pic i took very lousy so lets not be so picky ok. as for my arrows they are coming next week so lets wait for the pic ok.. =D

Tuesday, July 29 12:50 AM
OMG i just love that quiver!!!muahahah!i really don't have much to say today.beside meeting yc cin and wl for lunch and dinner at ecp.i shall have an early night then. =D


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